The MCC Club XI competition originated in the early 1896 when there was an excess of MCC players available to play in the VCA competition teams. To provide all players with a game of cricket, the MCC organised an internal competition and initially formed five teams skippered by Messrs. Gordon, Rhind, Culliton, Lamb and Howden and finished in that order.

Eventually groups of these players who had other common interests (e.g. former school mates) formed their own teams where in the 1926/27 season, Old Melburnians, Old Scotch and Old Xaverians joined the competition which now comprised of four MCC sides known as MCC “A”, MCC “B”, MCC “C” and MCC “D”.

Over the years more clubs joined and in season 1949/50, the Premiers were awarded the inaugural Hector Donahoo trophy which the clubs still play for today.


A second division was introduced in season 2012/13 following more clubs entering multiple teams and new clubs registering. The premiers of Division 2 are awarded the David Tallala Trophy.


Further growth of teams entered in the competition resulted in a third division in season 2014/15. The premiers of Division 3 are awarded the Carl Nunan Trophy.



Division 1 Premiers - Hector Donahoo Trophy

1949/50 Old Melburnians 1976/77 MCC"C" 2003/04 Old Haileybury
1950/51 MCC “A” 1977/78 MCC"C" 2004/05 Old Trinity
1951/52 MCC “A” 1978/79 Old Wesley 2005/06 Old Wesley
1952/53 Old Melburnians 1979/80 MCC"A" 2006/07 Old Brighton
1953/54 Old Melburnians 1980/81 Old Scotch 1st XI 2007/08 Old Scotch 1st XI
1954/55 MCC “A” 1981/82 Old Haileybury 2008/09 Old Scotch 1st XI
1955/56 MCC “A” 1982/83 Old Caulfield 2009/10 Old Scotch 1st XI
1956/57 Old Wesley 1983/84 MCC "C" 2010/11 Old Scotch 1st XI
1957/58 Old Wesley 1984/85 Old Xaverians 2011/12 Old Xaverians 1st XI
1958/59 Old Melburnians 1985/86 Old Wesley 2012/13 Melbourne HSOB1st XI
1959/60 Old Melburnians 1986/87 Old Xaverians 2013/14 Old Geelong 1st XI
1960/61 MCC “A” 1987/88 MCC "C" 2014/15 Melbourne HSOB 1st XI
1961/62 Old Wesley 1988/89 Old Wesley 2015/16 Old Scotch 1st XI
1962/63 Old Wesley 1989/90 Old Xaverians 2016/17 Old Geelong 1st XI
1963/64 Old Scotch 1990/91 Old Haileybury 2017/18 Old Xaverians 1st XI
1964/65 University 1991/92 MCC "C" 2018/19 Old Melbourne Gr 1st XI
1965/66 University 1992/93 Richmond CC 2019/20 Old Scotch 1st XI
1966/67 University 1993/94 Old Caulfield 2020/21  Old Melbourne Gr 1st XI
1967/68 Old Wesley 1994/95 Old Trinity   
1968/69 Old Wesley 1995/96 Old Haileybury
1969/70 MCC “C” 1996/97  Old Xaverians  
1970/71 MCC “A” 1997/98  Old Scotch Blue   
1971/72 MCC “C” 1998/99 Old Scotch Blue   


 Old Scotch 1999/00 Old Caulfield  
1973/74  MCC"C" 2000/01 Old Xaverians  
1974/75 Old Wesley 2001/02 Old Haileybury  

 St.Kilda CC

 2002/03 Old Haileybury  

Division 2 Premiers- David Talalla Trophy   

2012/13 Old Xaverians 2019/20 Old Caulfield

2013/14 Old Haileybury 2020/21 Old Haileybury

2014/15 MCC Blue

2015/16 Old Haileybury

2016/17 Old Caulfield

2017/18 Old Wesley

2018/19 Mellbourne Uni

Division 3 Premiers - Carl Nunan Trophy

2014/15 Old Mentonians 2018/19 Northcote 

2015/16 Old Mentonians 2019/20 Old Camberwell

2016/17 Old Trinity 2020/21 Old Whitefriars

2017/18 Melb Uni